Attending the Modern homestead Conference

We had the incredible opportunity to attend the Modern Homesteading Conference, and it was amazing!The Modern Homestead Conference provided participants with a t three-day experience that was both educational and inspiring. 

Attendees had the privilege of learning valuable knowledge and strategies that can be implemented on farms. Notably, lectures from esteemed speakers like Joel Salatin contributed to the attendees’ insightful understanding of modern homesteading. The conference created an environment conducive to learning and networking, enabling participants to exchange ideas and share experiences.

Modern Homestead Conference signage
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This event was a tremendous opportunity for individuals interested in homesteading practices, offering a comprehensive program to enhance their skills. Overall, the conference served as a platform for attendees to acquire new knowledge and establish connections within the modern homesteading community. 

The time we spent here was valuable as we learned a lot and can’t wait to start implementing new strategies on the farm. 

Looking forward to next year already!

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